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by Anonymous gave The Whitehorse Practice a rating of 5 stars

Excellent care

I recently attended the surgery for an appointment with a Dr and I cannot understand why so many people have put bad reviews about her. She was polite and thorough and did everything necessary to help me with my problem. In future I would prefer to see this Dr as I appreciate her no nonsense approach. No one enjoys going to the doctors and I am not someone who attends a lot but this Dr's speedy and efficient treatment of my problem made the whole process a lot more bearable.

Visited in June 2018, Posted on 26 July 2018

by N.R gave The Whitehorse Practice a rating of 5 stars


recently my mum forgot to ask for one thing on her prescription that she needed and the reception lady took her number and said she would try to get it urgent and promised to call back to let her know what happened. she kept her promise and called to let us know it was sent to the chemist, where I collected it.

We usually can get through on the phone after lunch and in the afternoon. Phoning in is a lot better now that you can tell you're in a queue!

Visited in June 2018, Posted on 05 July 2018

by Anonymous gave The Whitehorse Practice a rating of 5 stars

I love this surgery

I have been with this surgery for nearly 20 years, yes tim es have changed and unfortunately the surgery has had to change with it, but I will say they have done their best to make it a smooth transition since two doctors have retired.

The reception staff are always polite and helpful and often against hard times have tried their best to allocate appointments as necessary to patients, I hav e often sat in the waiting room and listened to the abuse they have to incur which is totally unnecessary, when a receptionist aks you "what the problem" is they are NOT being nosey, they are doing their best to allocate your appointment to the appropriate doctor who can specialise in your problem, unfortunately the NHS is suffering in this country and is being abused constantly, we are the luckiest country to be able to get free treatment, sooner or later the NHS may not exist.

Also why do people demand to see a doctor when it is not an emergency, i was at the doctors this m orning and one patient was demanding an appointment with a doctor just to pick up a prescription, this did not require an

appointment and certainly was not an emergency, and it duly transpired that it was the hospital who should have provided the medication. The Receptionist explained 4 times to the patient in easy user friendly terms that there were no appointments available (she cant magic one from thin air) and only emergency appointments were available, I was appallled at the abuse she was faced with by this patient, totally uncalled for and totally unneccesary.

You deserve medals!!!!!

Visited in March 2018, Posted on 24 March 2018